Had a GREAT hunt last night, a coyote and 2 hogs with the .30RAR and 1
hog with .45 auto !!!

The hunt for both of the larger hogs was pretty mundane, simply stalked up from a couple hundred yards into position and shot them, DRT hogs end of story…………….. However the one taken with my .45 was a little more work and quite a bit more exciting. Spotted the hog feeding under a feeder from about 500 yards away, wind wasn’t good for a direct stalk so made a big loop and stalked up from down wind using what little cover and shadows were available. Even though I had a pretty good breeze blowing in my face, once I got to about 18yds I figured I was pushing my luck to try to get closer, especially since I would have to move out of a shadow area into brighter moonlight. I knelt and rested my handgun on my raised knee to steady my aim, while watching the hog through nightvision I put the laser dot on his shoulder and touched off the shot, as almost always happens with a shoulder shot he took off like I had shot in the air!!!!! He initially ran right at me, but when I stood up he obviously saw me and turned some and began a arch around me headed for cover. As he ran by at about 5yds I snapped off a quick (and probably somewhat lucky) shot and hit him in the spine dropping him instantly. The first shot had done him in though, he wouldn’t have ran another 20yds max if I hadn’t fired the second shot because I had taken out his lungs with the first shot. Both shots fully penetrated so no recovered bullets, but the ones we have recovered look just like the ones in the Barnes advertising literature.
Attached are pictures of the 160# boar I shot with my .45 ACP compact
using the 185gr Barnes TAC-XP bullet at 1075fps, a 210# sow and 295#
boar I shot with the .30RAR using the 150gr Nosler Accubond.

Sow was a 60yd shot before dark, the 160# boar was shot about 8:30pm
from 18yds using my PVS14 and .45 compact with Crimson Trace laser
grip, viewed through the night vision and aimed with the
laser………………….works pretty well actually. The big boar
was taken about 9:30pm at about 65yds with my suppressed and D740
night vision equipped WC .30RAR SBR.

All shots fully penetrated, which was surprising on the big boar since
he was so thick and was a quartering shot. This made coyote kill #5
and hog kills #50 and #51 for the .30RAR so I figure I have killed
more game with this caliber than anyone else????


2 Responses to Notes from Bill-another Successful Hunt! Hog hunting with the .30 RAR and .45 Wilson Custom Ammunition!
  1. Bill, please keep shooting them with your .45! I keep posting links to your blog posts whenever someone with little experience says that a pig is to tough to be killled by the puny .45.

  2. It is posts like these that show what can be done with an AR and a .45. With all the new variant AR calibers coming out, hog hunters are benefiting greatly. Thank you for your support of the 6.8 SPC and the .30 RAR!

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