Here is a little bit about one of sponsored shooters, Mike Foley.
1) How long have you been shooting competitively?
since the late 90′s

2) What divisions do you shoot in?

USPSA all six divisions but mostly Limited and Single Stack, IDPA all five divisions but mostly CDP, Steel Challenge all dvisions but mostly Limited, and 3gun/multigun Tactical Optics Division

3) What is your primary firearm-model, sights, trigger pull weight and other options?

Wilson CQB Elite .45 ACP with the new Ultimate Speed Sight System, 2.25# trigger, high power cuts

4) What is your preferred match ammunition load?

Zero 230 grain FMJ, Winchester Large Pistol Primer, 4.8 grains of VV N320

5) What are some of your most memorable tournament wins?

The 2006 USPSA KY Section Limited Championship when I shot on Friday as a staff RO, all of the KY Multigun Championships

6) What products would you like to see Wilson produce for competition shooters?

Wide Body Limited Gun in .40S&W

7) What has been the secret to your shooting success?

There is no secret, just go out there and eliminate mistakes from your shooting and movement, strive to get better, build on good habits, and shoot as much as you can.  Do everything else fast, shoot slow.


Check out Video of Mike Shooting his Wilson Combat CQB ELITE!