Bill hunts hogs almost every day and has thoroughly field tested every piece of gear we offer. If the gear is sub-optimal, Bill figures it out pretty quickly.  It is kind of like having the ultimate beta-tester here at Wilson Combat.

Bill is having amazing hunting success with the new Barnes TTSX bullets designed for the 7.62X40 WT cartridge.  The 7.62X40 WT is bad medicine for even monster hogs like this gnarly sucker!

From Bill:

Been hunting this specific big boar for nearly a month now, finally after a tough stalk with marginal wind and lots of dry leaves we connected !!!! A 60yd shot standing off shooting sticks with the 7.62x40WT and the new Barnes SUPER bullet…………….the 110gr TTSX LV strikes AGAIN !!!! He dropped DRT with a front of the shoulder spine shot.

5 Responses to Bill Strikes Again! Hog Hunting with the 7.62X40 WT Rifle!
  1. That is an awesome hog Bill, great cutters, very different color to that hog. Glad to see the 7.62x40WT taking down game the size of that hog, glad I got a 7.62x40WT and plan to add another one to the Stable.

  2. It’s a beautiful thing!

  3. Where did you shoot this “hog”? I mean that hog is bigger then, or as big as an elk.

  4. Jack C. Rookhuyzen December 4, 2011 at 3:08 pm

    DANG!!! That’s a lot of hog for 110gr. bullet

  5. AWESOME — Congrats Bill — GOOD WORK BUDDY

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