A few years back we made up some dual ported 10mm barrels, machined from one bar of steel. These impressive, match grade barrels really tame recoil and shoot incredibly tiny groups.  This is one of those unique barrels on a new 10mm Hunter model.  Ideal for handgun hunting at close range the Hunter gives you reliable second shot accuracy with manageable recoil while harnessing the versatility and power of the 10mm.  The compensator aids reliability with heavy hunting loads by keeping the barrel in lock up longer and slowing slide velocity.

The flawless blued finish on this Hunter comes from the unparalleled Doug Turnbull Restorations.  We know the owner of this gun will thoroghly enjoy hunting season this year.  Hunting is a great American tradition-Hunting with your “Dream Gun” is a Wilson Combat tradition!

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  1. I want an uncle teds 10 mm!!!!! love your site!!!!

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