Our Master Artisans at Wilson Combat in collaboration with Doug Turnbull of Turnbull restorations have created another “Dream Gun”. First our pistolsmiths built a carbon steel  Professional model in .38 Super and added a slew of Bullet Proof parts, some laborious hand stippling on the frontstrap and a Speed Chute among other performance options. The customer’s special markings were added and it was off to Turnbull for his amazing case colored frame and pre-WW2 style charcoal bluing on the slide and small parts. What an amazing piece from an amazing team of master craftsmen!

Thanks Doug for your spectacular work!  At Wilson Combat we build Dream Guns every day! Call us to reserve yours!

3 Responses to New Wilson Combat-Turnbull .38 Super Dream Carry Gun!
  1. simply stunning!

  2. That is a classy looking gun. Blue guns are special they have a character to them that stainless guns lack. You would have really made my dad proud. He usually bought blue guns. The next WCP I buy will be blue for sure. When I see guns like this coming out of Wilson I feel proud cause of the ones I own that aren’t blue but because of the heritage.

  3. Work. Of. Art. Maybe the most handsome pistol I’ve ever seen.

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