A full Wilson Combat custom CQB for the Gunslinger!

Take one of our world famous CQB pistols, apply some custom touches and you get a gun suited for a Gunslinger!

After meticulously fitting a special custom .45 ACP 1911 for our friend and dealer George at www.migunslingers.com we performed some signature Wilson Combat signature cosmetic magic.

Hand polishing the Armor-Tuff finished stainless slide gives a slick, reverse two-look that really shows off the unique slide graphics.

You will notice the small parts are hand polished and skillfully nitre blued-a lost art of gunmaking that is reminiscent of the fire blued screws on a presentation Peacemaker or the hands of a fine watch.

Ball cuts, a gold bead front sight and host of other signature options finish off this fancy fighting pistol suited for a …Gunslinger.

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