Our finest pistol is a Supergrade. We lavish an exceptional amount of detail on these builds and it shows. Every aspect of a Supergrade build, down to the flawless finishing and perfect parts fitting is scrutinized. A Wilson Combat Supergrade will never let you down on the range or as a centerpiece of your collection.

This Classic Supergrade in .45 ACP has an array of owner specified custom touches-from custom logo to flat trigger and low-lever thumb Bullet-Proof Thumb safety. Special Starburst grips were added-the perfect accent to a fantastic piece.

Take a look at one of our new one-piece magwells-machined from a solid block of hardened steel and fitted seamlessly to each gun, by hand. The world’s best pistols now have the worlds best magwell. Available only on Supergrade pistols at this time.

When will you be ready for the personalized Wilson Combat Supergrade of your dreams?

2 Responses to A Special Wilson Combat Classic Supergrade
  1. I’ve recently bought a Wilson Combat Classic SUPERGRADE 45 ACP WCT22019 in Italy. When shooting I’ve noticed some kind of scratch in one side of the barrel made by the cartridge case. I used dinamic copper bullets 235gr, cartridge Fiocchi, vihtavuori 320 gunpowder 5gr, trigger cci n.300. How could I clean the scratchs? Would you please contact me by email so I can send you some images of the problem? Thanks.

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