We pulled out all the stops on this high polished and blued Supergrade Compact!

Every once in a while we build a special custom gun that is so spectacular we make sure we get some pictures to share with our fans.  This is one of those times.

This Wilson Combat Compact Supergrade in .45 ACP epitomizes what we can do to fulfill a customers requests.  This pistol wears a highly polished blued finish and some pretty impressive Gold etch work that commemorates the defiant cry of King Leonidas of Sparta at the ancient battle of Thermopylae. “Molon labe” loosely translated as “come and take them” when asked by their Persian enemies to lay down their arms.

“Molon labe” has become a rallying cry for the gun rights movement here and abroad and this fancy packing piece geared towards concealed carry is a great reputation of the ideal.

If you want a personalized pistol like this one give one of our customer service representatives a call today. We can turn your gun dreams into dream guns.

5 Responses to A Wilson Combat Supergrade that will leave you speechless.
  1. Beautiful wonderful workmanship. A true work of art.

  2. WOW….what a great gun….

  3. A fantastice weapon, “The Ultimate Defender”


  5. I love the 1911 period but this one is exceptional. You guys produce such great hand guns!

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