One of our very best dealers is Jackson Armory in Dallas. They have selected some of the most unique and appealing Wilson Combat guns for their store and this time they have really picked a full-house winner-a full custom 6″ barrel 45 ACP “longslide” Patriot XL.

A longslide typically gives you a softer shooting pistol as well as an extra inch of sight radius that makes accurate aiming a breeze. A little extra muzzle velocity from the longer barrel is a nice added benefit as well.

This super custom pistol has many little touches-a Bullet Proof bushing, special “Carry” checkering, special markings and a final finish of our glossy “Baron” blue-a black, slick hot salt bluing that will remind you of a Colt Python-except much nicer.  Small parts are finished in Nitre blue for an electrifying accent just like turn of the century Colt’s.Our gold bead front sight and Speed-Chute are the finishing touches on this unique pistol.  Grips wear a set of sterling silver grip medallions “Just because”.

This is an amazing and unique custom pistol. If you like the look of the “Patriot XL”, give Trey at Jackson Armory a call.