One of our new customers who will be referred to as “The Defender” ordered this very unique lightweight, lightrail compact with a barrage of custom options destined for urban carry.

This alloy-framed flyweight was optioned with various custom features and rich, rugged Black Armor-Tuff coating exactly to the customer’s specifications including his initials.

Starting with our forged, aluminum frame, this .45 ACP CQB Compact has optional carry cuts for smooth re-holstering and press-checking;an “extreme” dehorn for the ultimate in abrasion resistance to hands and holsters and our exclusive round butt treatment. Notice the various Bullet proof part upgrades like concealment beavertail, hammer and thumb safety. The best parts we build. The defender finished off his “Dream Gun” with the new flatwire spring upgrade. Perfect for a lifetime of shooting.

At Wilson Combat we are building unique, personalized “Dream Guns” every day. Give us a call to schedule yours.

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  1. Nicely done, one hell of a carry package

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