BWC-CP-45 – After the Television appearances by the boss (Bill Wilson), we received so many calls to find out which pistol Bill carries on a daily basis. Well here it is!! The “Bill Wilson Carry Pistol” is the pistol Bill carries every day. He gave me the complete list of his favorite touches and how a carry gun should be outfitted. Take a Wilson Combat CQB Compact, add the new “Round Butt” treatment, shorten the slide stop pin and counter sink the frame (giving you the option to use the Crimson Trace laser grips), slide top serrations, our new “Carry Cuts”, and finally this wonderful pistol is fitted with Bill’s favorite thumb-safety.

This “Carry pistol” is outfitted exactly as Bill would want it, wearing a set of Wilson Combat Starburst G10 grips with a black slide over a grey frame custom built to exacting standard by some of the best pistolsmiths in the world today. If you are looking for the perfect carry pistol and you were never sure how exactly it should be, here it is with all the features handpicked to match the gun that Bill carries daily.

2 Responses to Bill Wilson Carry Pistol – Press Release
  1. B.E. (Chip) Bader September 17, 2010 at 5:12 pm

    I would love to purchase this gun. The problem is it is not Ca. approved. I love my Tactical Elite. I’m looking forward to being able to buy the carry gun in the future.
    I’m trying to talk the wife into moving!!

    • You poor Californians. It’s a 1911, single stack, 45 ACP. How many other guns are California approved and why?
      California might be rescued someday, but there doesn’t seem to be any hope based on likely changes in the state government.
      Move, Arizona is not that far away!

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