Here is a sharp dressed packing pistol-our world-famous .45 ACP CQB Model 1911 all dressed up with some cutting edge features to create a practical and distinctive carry gun package.

This full-custom CQB pistol was given the full-on Wilson treatment.  It wears our exclusive round butt mainspring housing for a comfortable, low profile grip.  An upgrade to fully machined, Bullet Proof parts highlights a complete finish enhancement in Wilson reverse two-tone Armor-Tuff and Stainless steel.

Front of slide carry cuts give the pistol a smooth nose that is easy to re-holster and a place to aid in slide retraction for chamber checking while the flush cut muzzle, chamfered bottom of slide and fluted chamber gives this pistol a modern, cutting edge appeal. A Wilson gold-bead front sight offers a great sight picture in most sighting conditions.

Special engravings selected by the customer ensure that no one else will have a CQB exactly like theirs!  Finished off with a premier set of our cocobolo Starburst grips, this is a handsome and unique addition to any collection. Practical perfection the Wilson Way.

At Wilson Combat we are a full custom shop dedicated to the art of the 1911 and can make your dream gun come to life. Give one of our customer service reps a call or click or gunbuilder “Dream Gun” link to the right.