The birth of a unique Tactical Supergrade, our finest combat pistol is profiled here, for the first time.  Recently, we heard from an old friend-a “Been There-Done That” kind of guy who really understands the 1911, wanted a Supergrade for his daily use.  We were happy to oblige and this is the chronology of this very special pistol built to his discriminating specifications by a team of our Supergrade pistolsmiths.

This pistol was ordered as a Tactical Supergrade, gray and black Armor-Tuff with a little extra carry bevel, new Battlesight rear and  tritium front.

A medium length solid trigger was chosen since this shooter normally wears gloves while on the range.  A GI-style recoil rod with a smooth Bullet-Proof plug, left “in the white” was added for a classic look.

The slide wears ball endmill cuts reminiscent of the original 1911 pistols with the rear serrated to match the Battlesight.  A nice set of aggressive  Gray/Black G-10 grips were also specified and the users initials finish it off.

This is the birth of our finest combat pistol, a unique Tactical Supergrade.  Click on an image below to enjoy the slideshow. Click the arrows to move to the next picture.

14 Responses to The Building of a Masterpiece-The Chronology of a Special Tactical Supergrade-From Start to Finish
  1. Great photos on the process. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow!……… Great series of pictures showing the amount of hand work and detail that goes into a Wilson Combat. There is a difference. I’ve got a new XTAC on the way, my second WC, and this makes me appreciate these works of art all the more. Awesome post. Thanks.

  3. Why the scowl, Larry? If that were my custom Supergrade with “DMD” engraved on it I would be grinning ear-to-ear!!

  4. Colonel Neal Trent October 22, 2010 at 10:59 am

    I’ve acquired 5 or 6 Wilson’s over the years, as well as a slew of other 1911′s that have been sent in for this or that. Matt Riker will have my new Xtac done in a week or two as well–thing is, I’ve always been baffled about how you guys do it for the price. Guess it’s true: “Only costs a little more to go first class”. What I want out of a 1911 is absolute reliability, precision, and accuracy. Hell, like Clint Smith always said, it sure don’t hurt either if its purdy. Good to finally get a glimpse of how you do all that!

  5. Excellent work………….. I own over dozen 1911s from all different makes and models, I have being shooting over 25 years and never shot a pistol with this much consistent accuracy and reliability. I own two Wilson Combat 1911s (CQB Elite and Classic custom) they are worth every penny!! Wilson Combat is currently building my third firearm, an AR15 model for my Police duties which I will carry in the squad car. Great job WC!!!!!!

  6. Nicely done !
    It’s great to see all the steps that go into the build process.
    And hard to wait the next six weeks for my CQB Elite.

  7. Nice! Love the sequential pictures, snarl, and the 80rd test fire!

  8. I’ll take it!

  9. Nice photographic chronology of the work.

  10. Colonel Neal Trent October 23, 2010 at 12:10 pm

    You know, I was looking at these pictures of the process again last night, and something struck me that hadn’t before. Larry Vickers is one of those 1911 icons everyone of us would love to sit down and have a beer with if we could…..he wanted a Wilson. And then it hit me: Wilson Combat, aside from a few specs here and there, didn’t do anything really “special” that they don’t already do for any of their guns, or would tweek for the rest of us if we asked them to. American made by a 100% American company, a unique American style gun that’s been around in one form or another for nearly 100 years, all made possible by the American Constitution, American free market, and American way of life. All for a fair price. You can probably tell already that I spent 32 years in the American Army and damned if this don’t make me love being an American all over again. Just sayin’. Gator-6 Out.

  11. I’d like to have one EXACTLY like it, except for different initials of course.

    Did you take video of this Tactical Supergrade process to produce DVD’s like your videos on Combat Customizing the 1911?

  12. LAV is an American Hero and an awesome firearms instructor, he deserves the very Best!!! Congratulations to Wilson Combat for stepping up to the plate.

    Fraternally yours

    Jimmy Ward


  13. george vlahakos March 14, 2011 at 1:17 am

    beautiful gun, i have never seen those grips, are those wilson grips ? if so what are they called ? i got a tactical elite with the g10 starburst grips. i like those grips you got, id like purchase a set of them

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