The Professional is one of the most practical pistols we sell-the 4″ slide and full size frame make for a very controllable and concealable powerhouse. This nicely customized .45 Pro has a few surprises-A little more aggressive dehorn for comfortable carry, our Bullet Proof Ambi Safety-the toughest ambi safety in the world. and some gorgeous cocobolo starburst grips.

You may also notice that the muzzle is flush crowned. This is a new option for us and is made possible by the use of a flat wire, Glock-style recoil spring. The flatwire spring has more coils than round wire springs and is made out a special material that will outlast a conventional spring many times over.  This new feature is only available for compact/professional length slides at this time.

7 Responses to New Custom Professional with some new options
  1. That gun may be the best looking Wilson I’ve ever seen. I’m glad you guys figured out a way to flush crown your bull barrels. That, or a version of that gun, will be my next WIlson.

  2. I just ordered a new CQB Compact…Is this new option of flush cutting the barrel and crowning available for it?

  3. I ordered this pistol on Friday At K-5 Arms in Milford Connecticut, and the owner, Frank told me he has to get in touch with Wilson for a price. This will be my 7th Wilson and I love each and every one.

    Thanks Wilson Combat for all the innovative ideas and the best company going.

  4. I orderded this pistol on friday from K-5 Arms in Milford Connecticut. This pistol was the brainchild of the owner Frank at K-5 arms. This is even more beautiful in person.
    This will be my 7th Wilson Combat pistol and I love each and every one of them.
    Thank you Wilson Combat for the best products my money can buy.

  5. To my surprise Frank the owner of K-5 arms exchange in Milford Connecticut told me that this (on the blog) is the pistol he would sell to me. I picked this beautiful pistol up this afternoon and though I love each one of my Wilson Combat guns, this will be my favorite.
    Thank you Frank and thank you Wilson Combat for the best dealer and the best 1911′s in the world.


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