Building carry guns is what we do best at Wilson Combat.  We have built a small run of .45 ACP CQB lightweight “CQB Lite” models with a few unique touches that experienced users have often demanded.  The frames are machined from our forged 7075-T6 aluminum billets for uncompromising, long-term lightweight durability.  We then machined the frame for the concealable-and comfortable exclusive Wilson round butt treatment, trimmed the slide stop for the use of lasergrips, and finished it off with a classic sight picture-the new black rear “Battlesight” as seen on the X-Tac and a 10K Gold bead front that is hand made from a .080″ gold rod.  This sight picture is perfect for every carry, range or competition use-especially if your eyes can’t see the sights as well as they once did.

You may notice that we finished the CQB Lite Carry in black Armor-Tuff but opted for a heavier  carry bevel than usual that will reduce wear and tear on your holster, hands and cover garments and give this limited run a unique look.  We also opted for classic Wilson High ride beavertail, thumb safety and a solid trigger of the medium length-A perfect fit for most users.

The lightweight, full-size fighting pistol is a joy to carry and easy to shoot well. Contact sales manager John May for more details. [email protected]

3 Responses to Short Run of CQB “Lite” Carry Guns! Limited availability!
  1. Full size 1911 with the weight of one of those silly plastic pistols!!!
    This is definitely my favorite Wilson of all time, I love the weight and balance of this full size aluminum frame gun. This combined with the extreme carry bevel makes it very comfortable to carry all day in IWB. Workmanship is what we come to expect from the top 1911 maker in the industry. It’s boringly accurate and reliable right out of the Wilson zipper case it comes in! My only regret is I didn’t buy enough ammo to keep her fed!!! : P


  2. I want one of these ….

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