We build a lot of spectacular pistols at Wilson Combat but some of our custom ordered Supergrades are the best of the breed.  This is one of our favored packing pistols, the Professional .45 in Supergrade trim. This Pro wears exquisite charcoal bluing from the peerless Doug Turnbull. You may notice the highly polished  Nitre blued accent parts  which was common on many Victorian era pistols and adds a unique finishing touch.

A gold bead front sight is perfectly mated to our new Battlesight for the ultimate tactical sight picture.

This pistol has it all-pure performance backed up by stellar beauty in our timeless style.

At Wilson Combat we are building Dream Guns like this one every day.

Give one of our sales reps a call to get yours started.

3 Responses to Spectacular Wilson Supergrade Professional with Turnbull Charcoal Bluing!
  1. Beautiful Gun! I must have one!

  2. I just purchased this piece of art. Most expensive pistol that I have ever purchased, but I know that my Son, and later his Son, will appreciate it.

  3. Mike-coiler666 July 31, 2012 at 11:24 am

    Dante, your pistol is a work of Art sir! Congadulations on owning this fine firearm, and im sure many future generations of the “Dante” clan will appreciate it as much as you do.MIKE

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