The Classic Supergrade is one of our most recognizeable Wilson Combat 1911′s.  With meticulous attention to detail and range-ready features like adjustable sights and Speed-Chute, the Classic Supergrade has everything you need to perform top-level displays of shooting skill.  Fitted like a the offspring of a Swiss watch and a well oiled-bank vault, the Classic Supergrade is only enhanced when a fine finish is carefully applied. Doug Turnbull and his crew have lavished their attention on this classic Supergrade and after our pistolsmiths hand-polished it to gleaming perfection Doug applied his pre-war style Charcoal blue-a laborious process that provides an amazing, deep blue that will remind you of Grandpa’s old Colt.

The Classic Supergrade with Turnbull Charcoal blue-Exceptional craftsmanship only from Wilson Combat.

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