Our Master pistolsmiths have recently created a small number of “Presidential Classics”.  This pistol takes the tried and true .45 ACP Classic model and dresses it up with some very special options that proudly honor the founding fathers of our country in this Centennial year of the 1911.

This first Presidential Classic honoring George Washington has a stainless steel slide hand engraved by FEGA Master Engraver, James White.  The understated, timeless engraving pattern accents the beauty and design of the 1911 pistol.

The frame of the Presidential Classic is Charcoal blued by Turnbull Restorations and all small parts are high-polished and nitre blued similar to turn-of the century Colt pistols.

The American Horse Chestnut grips on this first Presidential Classic are from the Mount Vernon estate of George Washington and are documented to have been planted by the first president of our country.  These stunning grips come with a certificate of authenticity guaranteeing their provenance through Historical Woods of America, the steward of this exclusive wood. Wilson Combat is the exclusive user of Historical Wood for firearms.

This small series of five heirloom pistols has already been allocated to a select few Wilson Combat stocking dealers.  Please contact a sales associate for more details.

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  1. Absolutely, drop dead gorgeous!
    No punn intended, lol:-)

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