Here is a great example of how Wilson Combat can customize a classic model, in this case a CQB with some very personalized upgrades.

This customer personalized our “Gold Standard” Close Quarter Battle model, our best selling match-winning and life protecting model for over a decade and added some unique features and markings to this customer’s unique set of specifications.

Notice our lo-profile adjustable sights with U-Notch and 3-dot tritium for perfect low-light sighting with pinpoint accuracy. A speed chute has been added to enhance quick reloading and our new Bullet Proof Ambi Safety has been installed for left hand use-the strongest ambi available!

Add a host of other cosmetic and performance upgrades like carry cuts and ball endmill cuts, a flush cut and crowned barrel and flush slide stop pin, this CQB makes a big statement-I am unique and there are no others like me!

If you are ready to build your “Dream Gun” give us a call or fill out our quote form available on any gun description page on

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  1. I want to buy a Bill Wilson Carry handgun. Do they come in left hand friendly styles or can you recommend upgrades that make it easier for a leftie to use? Also do you have a left hand snap on the belt holster for concealed carry use? Thanks, Russ

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