Always thinking, Bill Rogers is a master instructor with an analytical mind

Spending a week at the Rogers Shooting school is a humbling and awesome experience. The high round count (3000 rounds), non-stop training and amazing steel “reactive” target array is only equalled by the professionalism of the seasoned staff. Our hats are off to Bill Rogers and crew -”Rosie” Rosel, Kyle Armstrong, and Ronnie Dodd for making our week challenging, enjoyable and enlightening.

We had some real victories-several advanced ratings with handgun and carbine alike, and the single highest score EVER shot on the rifle test by one of our compadres and Bill’s Texas shooting partner Cody Bachman.  We shot mostly carry guns in carry holsters in .45, .38 Super and 9mm.  We used a lot of lube and a shot a lot of Wilson Combat Custom ammunition, which likewise performed flawlessly.

If you want a fast-paced, shooting challenge above and beyond a typical weekend shooting class to bring your practical  shooting to the next level, make the trek to N. Georgia. It is a true test of your shooting ability and your gear that you will never forget.

Bill Wilson, Bill Rogers and instructor Kyle Armstrong admiring an upcoming product

Bill's Bill Wilson carry with over 110,000 documented rounds.

Bill shooting the blast drill with a Spec-Ops 9 with revised fiber optic sights-available soon.

Bill Wilson shooting during the "Test" at the Rogers Shooting School-with a "Bill Wilson Carry" in .45 ACP no less.

Joyce Wilson, getting ready for the never-ending onslaught of steel targets

Joyce shooting the strong hand "blast drill"

Joyce's 9mm Classic with prototype adjustable rear sight U-notch blade

Ryan Wilson shooting a strong hand drill, getting ready for the strong hand only reload.

Christine Wilson practicing with the .22 prior to moving up to the 9mm

Bill's friend and IPSC/IDPA founder John Sayle came and shot his Supergrade in .38 Super-he is a DEADLY shot!

Bill Rogers shooting the Spec-Ops 9 and showing us "How its done"

The Rogers "grip"-thumbs forward, strong hand thumb resting on weak hand-very controllable!

9mm ULC getting ready for the big event

12 Responses to Wilson Combat goes to the Rogers Shooting School
  1. Looks like a GREAT time
    great pics… someday I will make it there…
    nice to see the S09 with the FO front sight, I want that for mine!

  2. That is the most awesome rifle I have ever seen. Mr Wilson and his team produce weapons of the best quality in the World. I am saving up to get a Bill Wilson carry pistol CQB 45.

  3. I shoot a SO9 in our monthly streel comp. and have been trying to change the sights to FO since I have the gun.
    I have about 800 through it now and have not have any problems. Shoot 124 gr and I would be interested in the training program and the modification to the sights.
    Would also like to see if a 170mm mag could be produced along with a 38 Super barrel to swap with (now would that be great or what?).

    • Hi Gary,
      The Spec-Ops 9 cannot be converted to .38 Super because of the short slide travel. As far as the new sights, we will keep you posted to their availability.

      Thanks for being a customer!

  4. I need that new FO front sight for my SO-9 right NOW–how do I get one? dmd

  5. Is that a Smith Enterprise Vortex I see on the end of the rifle?

  6. Glad you had a good time and used the clear glasses. :-)

  7. I am in the process of procuring a Wilson Combat SPEC OPS 9. Can you tell me who made the holster and magazine pouches that were used for the SPEC OPS 9 depicted in the photos you provided of the Rogers school?


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