This is a true Wilson Combat heirloom “Dream Gun” built for our friends at the Indiana Gun Club.

Our renowned Supergrade pistolsmiths started with a Wilson Combat Classic Supergrade in .45 ACP, added some tasteful,  hand-cut engraving to the masterfully blued slide and then had Doug Turnbull color-case harden the frame like a fine turn of the century bespoke gun.

We added a unique set of rare Mastodon tooth grips (not tusk, tooth!) and this is the end result.  A real Show stopper at home or on the range that is destined to be the centerpiece of any 1911 collection.

Even though this pistol is supremely fancy it will not fail you-whether you shoot 10 rounds or 10, 000 rounds a year- It is built, like all Supergrades, to be the best gun we can build.

At Wilson Combat we have been fulfilling our customer’s “Dream Guns” since 1977.

Give us a call to schedule yours today.

2 Responses to Wilson Combat Heirloom Quality Engraved Case Colored Supergrade!
  1. Wow, what a work of art, and it shoots too! The gunsmiths at Wilson Combat are true masters.

  2. Wow. At a loss for words. It’s as nice as my Classic Two Tone will be. Come on, Matt, make my phone ring. ( March 29th seems like such a long time ago!) Lamar

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