Well, we really love these pics.  Peter Grillone, our in-house photographer pulled out all the stops on this .460 Rowland Hunter with carry comp. Going forward,  all of the Hunters in 10mm and .460 will be made with this recoil-taming configuration.

This is an exquisite Hunter with a bevy of options like Lasergrips, Bullet Proof upgrade-mag catch , grip and ambi safety. A Black trigger, torx head screws, Speed Chute and Gold bead front sight round out this fine hand-crafted sidearm fit to take most North American game.

.44 Magnum Ballistics in a 1911?  It is possible. It is a .460 Rowland from Wilson Combat!

3 Responses to .460 Rowland Hunter CARRY COMP in all Stainless!
  1. We only sell the complete package. The .460 Rowland has .44 Mag comparable ballistics so it does a pretty good job against anything.

  2. So to be clear this is a carry size not full size? Is it possible to get this with a rail in black?

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