VP Ryan Wilson and his wife Christine live on a beautiful parcel of land deep in the mountains around Berryville that is a true sportsman’s paradise.
Last week, Christine was able to harvest her first deer with a Wilson Tactical Hunter Lightweight Custom AR in 6.8 SPC caliber-an efficient whitetail caliber in a very shootable platform.
At a range of 160 yards, it only took one round of the handloaded 95 grain Barnes TTSX load to anchor this fine first buck. Congratulations Christine, we are pretty sure this won’t be your last successful hunt!

3 Responses to Christine Wilson and the Wilson Combat 6.8 SPC AR-15-a deadly combo on whitetail deer!
  1. Way to go Christine!

  2. 6.8 SPC and Barnes 95 grain TTSX are proving to be an awesome combination!

  3. Beautiful Buck Christine, Nice shot! Congratulations!!!

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