At Wilson Combat we can do most anything on a steel canvas and this latest extravagant example of a bespoke Sentinel shows off some “bling” that really sets this little gem apart from the pack.

This 9mm Sentinel has Turnbull Charcoal bluing for a rich, deep lustrous finish that is reminiscent of  a bygone era while the peacock, nitre blued accent parts will remind you of the brightly blued hands on a fine timepiece.  A little bling-GOLD that is, sets off the fire control system.

Works of art like this arent just for Kings, Queens, or CEO’s.  You to can own your dream gun.  Give is a call-we make those “dream guns” happen every day at Wilson Combat.

One Response to A Sentinel Fit for a King
  1. Mike-coiler666 July 31, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Long live the King! What a gorgeous lil pistol this is, truely fit for a King…or Queen for that matter.In a world where everyone else seems to be cutting costs(and quaity), its nice to know Wilson Combat makes firearms such as this lil beauty! MIKE

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