Ryan Wilson is the Vice-President of Wilson Combat and he is in charge of day to day operations of our company.  Ryan is lifelong gun-guy- Bill raised Ryan from the time he could walk to shoot, hunt, compete and enjoy the firearms tradition that has been our companies  strong cornerstone.

This matched pair of Protectors for Ryan and his lovely wife Christine are for an upcoming training class they are taking at the Rogers Shooting School.  The intense, 2000 round course of fire over 3 days convinced Ryan to have this pair of steel 9mm Protectors built for the occasion-as perfect training guns, and perfectly matched for he and his wife-who like these pistols, are another perfectly matched pair.

These guns started out as steel frame Protector models but have been dressed up with some of our latest options like Bullet Proof Thumb and Grip Safeties, carry cuts, ball cuts on the front of the slide, flat top and serrated slide and the new Battlesights with fiber optic insert fronts.You may notice that the guns are almost identical-Christine chose the new concealment grip safety for her pistol, while Ryan stayed with the standard Bullet-proof model, both machined from solid steel.  Give us your thoughts.  The class is right around the corner so these babies will be getting quite the workout prior to going “back to school”.

5 Responses to Perfectly Matched Pair of Protectors for a “Perfect Pair”
  1. What a perfect couple = )

  2. Awsome pair.

  3. AvailableForAdoption September 23, 2010 at 9:47 pm

    Please ask them if they’d adopt me… Very low-maintenance; educated and polite; all I need is 1911′s… No need to even feed me…. :)

    Good-looking training tools! Sounds like they’ll have tons of fun…

  4. They are beautiful guns that’s for sure. Wish I knew how I could afford one, one of those would make a great off-duty gun that my wife would have no problems handling.

  5. I too own a Protector and love it tremendously, it’s a stainless steel model and came with all the bulletproof components.
    It’s very accurate and has never given me one problem.
    I only wish that someday I could afford to own a Custom supergrade, we all can dream can’t we, LOL.
    Congrats to the Wilsons for this pair of fine pistols and best of luck to them and there entire family.
    It’s a real honor to own one of these firearms exuding quality and commitment to excellence.

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