“Blacked Out” Custom CQB .45

On October 27th, 2010, posted in: 1911, 45 ACP, CQB by 2 Comments

At the customer’s request we built a really fine “Blacked Out” CQB…This pistol has a shortened slide stop pin, and a naked “unmarked” slide without front cocking serrations. A short trigger and  G-10 Starburst grips gave the new owner the grip he was looking for.  The muzzle was flush-cut and crowned also for a very unique..

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The Building of a Masterpiece-The Chronology of a Special Tactical Supergrade-From Start to Finish

On October 18th, 2010, posted in: 1911, 45 ACP, Gunsmithing, Supergrade by 14 Comments

The birth of a unique Tactical Supergrade, our finest combat pistol is profiled here, for the first time.  Recently, we heard from an old friend-a “Been There-Done That” kind of guy who really understands the 1911, wanted a Supergrade for his daily use.  We were happy to oblige and this is the chronology of this..

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Wilson Combat goes to the Rogers Shooting School

Always thinking, Bill Rogers is a master instructor with an analytical mind Spending a week at the Rogers Shooting school is a humbling and awesome experience. The high round count (3000 rounds), non-stop training and amazing steel “reactive” target array is only equalled by the professionalism of the seasoned staff. Our hats are off to..

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Wilson Combat CQB in “Basic” Black with some Unique Options!

On October 13th, 2010, posted in: 1911, 45 ACP, CQB, General Guns by 4 Comments

This spectacular CQB .45  is fresh out of the shop and ready for shipment.  You will notice a several options like torx grip screws, Speed-Chute magwell, upgraded G-10 grips and a flush cut and deep crowned heavy bull barrel.  The customer specified u-notch tritium sights for a fast, low-light sight picture.  In this case, basic..

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