Bill Wilson

Wilson Combat goes to the Rogers Shooting School

Always thinking, Bill Rogers is a master instructor with an analytical mind Spending a week at the Rogers Shooting school is a humbling and awesome experience. The high round count (3000 rounds), non-stop training and amazing steel “reactive” target array is only equalled by the professionalism of the seasoned staff. Our hats are off to..

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Bill’s Thoughts on Penetration for Hog Hunting

On October 14th, 2010, posted in: 6.8 SPC, Bill Wilson, General Guns, Hunting by 1 Comment

“Early in my hog hunting career (obsession as my wife calls it) I had to pass up a shot on a HUGE old boar because he would not give me an angle that would not require very deep penetration to get into the vitals (basically kept his ass facing me). I was hunting with a..

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