Wilson Combat goes to the Rogers Shooting School

Always thinking, Bill Rogers is a master instructor with an analytical mind Spending a week at the Rogers Shooting school is a humbling and awesome experience. The high round count (3000 rounds), non-stop training and amazing steel “reactive” target array is only equalled by the professionalism of the seasoned staff. Our hats are off to..

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Perfectly Matched Pair of Protectors for a “Perfect Pair”

On September 22nd, 2010, posted in: 1911, 9mm, Protector by 5 Comments

Ryan Wilson is the Vice-President of Wilson Combat and he is in charge of day to day operations of our company.  Ryan is lifelong gun-guy- Bill raised Ryan from the time he could walk to shoot, hunt, compete and enjoy the firearms tradition that has been our companies  strong cornerstone. This matched pair of Protectors..

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