Paul Howe

2nd Amendment And The Kool-Aid Drinkers by Paul Howe

On January 3rd, 2013, posted in: Paul Howe by 0 Comment

I have quietly watched and evaluated the in pouring of e-mails reference the liberal’s intent to seize guns and crush the second amendment.  I want to add a few of my own thoughts on this issue as I have worked in and around all the people who could be tasked to seize your guns. WHO’S..

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Paul Howe Rifle Reference Points – Head and Eye

On November 20th, 2012, posted in: Paul Howe, Training and Tactics by 0 Comment

Head and eye alignment is critical and I use the nose to charging handle method. I am critical where I put my nose and usually can feel the notch on the left rear of the charging handle with either the tip or right tip of my nose. Using this check point, it puts my eye..

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Paul Howe: AR Optics and What Is Best for You

On November 5th, 2012, posted in: Paul Howe, Training and Tactics by 0 Comment

ZERO MAGNIFICATION Pros: Easy and fast to find and put on target. Cons: Small objective and subject to fogging in some environments. Personal Observations: Aimpoint performs the best out of what I have seen come to my classes. A lot of shooters run E.O Techs, but they have the highest failure rate. I believe any..

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