Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition

Great review of the Wilson Combat .45 ACP 230 grain Signature Match!

On March 2nd, 2013, posted in: 45 ACP, Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition by Comments Off

We liked this customer review so much we shared it on the blog.     Ask any handloader why they measure their powder charge multiple times for a given load, and you’ll likely get an answer that has something to do with consistency. Whether it is for range use, a match, or personal defense, consistency..

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Awesome review of Wilson Combat Peerless Performance ammunition!

On February 16th, 2011, posted in: 223 and 5.56mm, 45 ACP, 6.8 SPC, Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition by Comments Off


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Wilson Custom Ammunition Review on .38Super.net

A nice review of the Wilson Custom Ammunition .38 Super offerings on the web’s most comprehensive spot for .38 Super testing info. http://www.38super.net/Pages/Factory2.html

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Excellent review of Wilson Custom Ammunition in HANDGUNS magazine!

On November 9th, 2010, posted in: Wilson Combat Custom Ammunition by Comments Off

Click the image for the full story by 1911-guru Patrick Sweeney!

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Notes from Bill-another Successful Hunt! Hog hunting with the .30 RAR and .45 Wilson Custom Ammunition!

Had a GREAT hunt last night, a coyote and 2 hogs with the .30RAR and 1 hog with .45 auto !!! The hunt for both of the larger hogs was pretty mundane, simply stalked up from a couple hundred yards into position and shot them, DRT hogs end of story…………….. However the one taken with..

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