One Response to Installing a Wilson Combat Shok-Buff
  1. Hey guys the new blogsite is great.
    I have the full-length guide rod shok buff system (along with ETMs)for my Springfield. I recently watched a video on the system and the guy doing it (not affiliated with Wilson) said you are supposed to use the supplied extra power firingpin spring along with the system. Now I havnt fired my pistol yet with the full length rod and shokbuff installed.
    Does Wilson Combat recommend I change out my firing pin spring as well? I understand that an extra power spring would help with setting off hard primers. But is that the only reason for replacing it? Is it needed for the system?
    That might sound kinda stupid(a more powerful spring should be a plus) but I dont want to go through replacing it if its not neccessary and Ive never had a failure to fire from a hard primer before.

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