“Angela began her career at Wilson Combat in 1983. Back in those days, there were only five people at Wilson’s Gun Shop including Angela. She answered the phone and did all of the invoices on a typewriter. I remember getting off the school bus at the old shop and going to see Angela, she would set me up with stuff to color or help me with my homework. I now see my son Hunter getting off the school bus and he immediately goes to see Angela to draw pictures or work on his homework. Angela has been an integral part of the evolution of Wilson Combat from the very early days to today. She has been a part of the Wilson Combat family for so long that it would be hard to imagine her not being around.

In recognition of Angela’s 25 years of dedication, we would like to present her with a one of a kind Supergrade built especially for her. All of us at Wilson Combat would like to thank Angela for everything she has contributed over the years and look forward to many more years together.” -Ryan Wilson

3 Responses to Congratulations to Angela on 25 Years!
  1. Thanks was a great 25th yrs service gift. Great Job Wilson Combat…

  2. Congrats on such a nice present & also on your 25 year tenure with WC = )

  3. How nice to be recognized in such a way for your years of hard work! That pistol beats a gold watch any day.

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