Paul Howe Rifle Reference Points – Head and Eye

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Head and eye alignment is critical and I use the nose to charging handle method. I am critical where I put my nose and usually can feel the notch on the left rear of the charging handle with either the tip or right tip of my nose. Using this check point, it puts my eye in the same spot on the rear sight each time along with the right side of my cheek on the rifle stock. If my cheek and nose are in the same spot, my eye will be in the same spot.

This is the way I index my index my nose to the charging handle and my cheek to the stock. This will put my eye in the same spot each time.

You can push your nose past the charging handle if your face is so shaped, but it will get your eye closer to the peep and may cause more light. You could move your rear sight forward if you like to shoot this way.

Finding reference points for your cheek is always a problem on traditional stocks. Above is my solution. I took a sling shot ball bearing and drilled about 1/16” of an inch into the stock and set it with shoe-goo. This is the spot that I run my cheek to each time and get a full tube of light when I index traditional stocks.

Some folks have even done this for their shooting hand to establish reference points for their firing thumb.

This simple reference point allows you to index a traditional stock the same way each time.

Finally, zeroing in soft caps, helmets or ear muffs can change your zero. All of the above will have an impact on how you index the stock and your head eye position. For me, soft ears to ear muffs will change my group about 3” off at 100 yards from one to another because of head eye position. In short, zero in the same head gear you are going to hunt in…

Paul Howe
Owner/Lead Instructor of CSAT-Combat Shooting and Tactics