This spectacular CQB .45  is fresh out of the shop and ready for shipment.  You will notice a several options like torx grip screws, Speed-Chute magwell, upgraded G-10 grips and a flush cut and deep crowned heavy bull barrel.  The customer specified u-notch tritium sights for a fast, low-light sight picture.  In this case, basic black is beautiful and businesslike.

Build your dream gun today.  Check the gunbuilder link here on the blog to get started.  At Wilson Combat’s Custom Shop  almost no two guns are exactly the same-we leave the details up to your imagination.

4 Responses to Wilson Combat CQB in “Basic” Black with some Unique Options!
  1. cool

  2. Like always, nothing better than a Wilson.

  3. Very businesslike. Beautiful, yet dangerous. All of the necessities, none of the frills.

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