After Action Report-Wilson Combat-Ken Hackathorn Three Day Carbine-Handgun Class

Bill, Joyce and Ryan Wilson recently hosted good friend, legendary small-arms instructor and industry consultant Ken Hackathorn to the Circle WC ranch East Texas for a superb bit of instruction in the ways of defensive carbine and handgun. Ken summarized his 30+ years of tactical training into a comprehensive syllabus that covered all the angles of rifle and handgun marksmanship to a cadre of shooters of varied skill levels.

Gunwriter and TV host Paul Markel was also present and he provides a full rundown on his experience here and also here and on his blog

Needless to say a lot of spent brass was made and new and old friendships were furthered and developed.

The group also got a chance to shoot with some very inspirational shooters who not only taught us all lessons about shooting but about dealing with life’s obstacles as well. Our hat is off to all the students but especially the ones who “get it done” despite their disabilities. You are an inspiration to us!