Another Jackson Armory Spectacular!  Starting with a CQB base model we added a few selected  custom touches but most notably the special carry checkering pattern devised by Vic Tibbets-Master pistolsmith and shop manager.  This pattern works nicely on carry guns and gives an understated elegance.  Carry cuts, checkered and flush slide lock, flush barrel, V-Grip housing and special engraving are completed by our Master pistolsmiths  before Doug Turnbull works his unmatched bluing magic.  This is traditional, pre-war style oven or charcoal bluing, not simply boiled in salts, this proprietary process is applied in a charcoal driven furnace using the traditional application of special oils.  It is so deep and rich and reminds you of a time when hand finishing like this was common in America’s better gun factories.  Guns like this are now a lost art, but we are doing our best at keeping them alive, at least in the world of 1911′s.

At Wilson Combat we are combining Master craftsmanship with Modern precision, every day.

2 Responses to Another Custom Patriot for Jackson Armory in Turnbull BLUE
  1. Gawd! I wish I could do bluing like that!!!

  2. very pretty.someday i’m gonna get me a pair of those

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