“Early in my hog hunting career (obsession as my wife calls it) I had to pass up a shot on a HUGE old boar because he would not give me an angle that would not require very deep penetration to get into the vitals (basically kept his ass facing me). I was hunting with a caliber/bullet that I knew would not penetrate up into the vitals so had to let him pass. For those of you that hog hunt you know how rare a chance at a 300#+ boar is and you really hate to miss an opportunity. After that I moved to a .30-06 shooting Barnes X bullets and then on to one of my all time favorites a .358 Win shooting 225gr Nosler Partitions. I never missed another chance at a hog with either of these.

Since we started the 6.8 project I have hunted exclusively with it. I’m just now getting enough terminal experience to know what it will and won’t do. The Barnes 110gr TSX or TTSX are the only bullets that will allow marginal shots on a big hog with a 6.8. The 110gr TTSX will penetrate both shoulders of a 200# hog, 12″ of water behind it, then dent and knock over a 3″x14″x24″ oak board with expansion to just under 1/2″!!!!! The TSX will expand a little more and give you about 80% of the penetration.

I prefer rapid expansion on deer and use the 110gr Nosler AB or 110gr Sierra PH. The new Barnes 95gr TTSX is shaping up to give us plenty of penetration for big hogs, but with a bit more expansion to help make it a better deer bullet also!”

Bill Wilson

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  1. Your research….your knowledge….and insight is invaluable.Thank you sharing:))

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