Welcome back Ron Phillips!

Ron Phillips, Master pistolsmith and 24 year employee of Wilson Combat is back! Ron most recently owned “Ron Phillips and Company” and is noted for building “best grade” 1911′s.  Ron will be working along with his son Jared, who is also an accomplished pistolsmith in his own right.

3 Responses to Welcome Back RON PHILLIPS
  1. David Panciotti November 6, 2010 at 9:15 pm

    Welcome back. Ron was very helpful to me when I was building my first 1911. His techniques that I viewed on the Wilson Combat pistolsmithing videos taught me so much and I have been able to take those techniques to my new pistolsmithing endeavor.

    Sorry your business didn’t work out but it seems like you belong there at Wilson’s.

    Good luck.

    Are you looking to hire anyone else? I’m willing to travel.

    Sincerely, Dave

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