IDPA Executive Director, Joyce Wilson and Wilson Combat Sponsored Shooter Glenn Shelby.

Wilson Combat® is Pleased to Announce:

Wilson Combat Sponsored Shooting Team Members were recognized in an elite new Class of IDPA appropriately named “Distinguished Master”.

During the awards ceremony at the Smith & Wesson 2011 Indoor Championship, IDPA unveiled the new Distinguished Master Class.

Twenty deserving individuals, who met the “Distinguished Master” criteria, were presented with a total of 24 plaques. Four, of which, are Wilson Combat Sponsored Shooters.

Congratulations to Glenn Shelby, Greg Martin, Curt Nichols and Eric Fuson.

Photo Courtesy of: Yamil Sued

The Distinguished Master Class is only available to Division Champions of the S&W National Championship or the IDPA National Championship as well as the members who finish within 3 percent of the champion.

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