A nice review of the Wilson Custom Ammunition .38 Super offerings on the web’s most comprehensive spot for .38 Super testing info.


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  1. I just had 2 of my LW Pros in 9mm converted to .38 Supers. Just learning this cartridge as I have always been a .45 guy. The only problem I am encountering is that the Wilson 115 TAC-XP has caused a few stoppage when the bullet nose-dives into the feed ramp. It is very expensive ammo so I have not shot it extensively but just enough to not really trust it for carry ammo. That is really too bad as it is scary accurate and hits hard with great penetration. I am wondering if this is more a problem of the semi-rimmed case rather than the bullet. I have some of the Wilson 124 Hornady XTP coming and will see if it has the same issue. If anyone has any thoughts on this I would appreciate hearing them.

    • Jim,
      The semi-rimmed case creates extra drag during feeding and in some guns occasionally causes a nose down syndrome when you use flat nose bullets (like the TAC -XP) and extra capacity mags like ours.
      The XTP will not nose down to the same degree since the bullet has a pointier profile. Different mags might solve your problem.

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