When did you start shooting competitively?-I started shooting competitively in 2003. IDPA at first then moving into USPSA and 3-gun. Shooting every local and state match I could get to.
What do divisions you shoot?- In IDPA I mostly shoot CDP. In USPSA I shoot Single Stack, Limited and Tactial Optics in 3-gun.

What gear do you use ?-IDPA – I use the Wilson CQB in 45 ACP w/ a speed chute / adjustable rear sight / fiber optic front / narrow ambi safety / 2.5 lb. Ultralight short pad trigger / checkered front strap 30 LPI / Armor Tuff black& grey.

-USPSA – Limited gun -It is a Wilson built 5in. 40 s&w on a STI wide body frame w/ short dust cover. Adjustable rear / fiber optic front / wide ambi safety / tungsten guid rod / 2.5 lb. short trigger / oversize magwell / Armor Tuff all black.

-3-Gun rifle UT-15 w/  rifle length handguard / 3lb. TTU trigger / Magpul CTR stock / ACOG TA-01 scope     / JP short range handguard sight.

Shotgun- Scattergun Technologies 11-87 w/ 22in. barrel / 9+1 extened magtube / Jumbo head safety /  oversized charging handle / Daves metal works easy loader.

What kind of ammo do you use
?-Match ammo, 45 I use 5.4 grs.of  Hodgdon Tightgroup w/  Montana Gold 200 gr. JFP.
40 cal.- 4.7gr. Hodgdon Tightgroup w/ Montana Gold 180 gr. FMJ.

5.56- 23.5 gr. Hodgdon Benchmark w/ Sierra 69 gr. Machking

What are some memorable wins?-My first CDP NM state match win in 2003. In 2009 I won the CDP National Championship. 2009 I finished 2nd in the Multi-Gun Nationals (tactical optic)

What are some products you would like to see? -A rifle length Quadrail with a 3in. Picatinny rail at the 1 o’clock position on front right side. A two or thee chambered muzzle brake, tactical scope legal ( 1in.X 3in. max) A new and more reliable gas system for the 11-87.

What is the secret to your success?- I Have been shooting since I was five. I go to the range and practice every chance I get. I work on the mistakes I made in the previous matches along with improving new skills. In 2007 I was fortunate enough to get on with Wilson Combat. I feel like it is my responsibility to represent Wilson Combat and my teammates with my best performance at every match. It is an honor and a privilege to represent Wilson Combat, this alone motivates me the most.